Optical & radiometric characterizations, thin-films, micro-devices, and sensors prototyping

Sputtering PVD Coatings

Thirty years experience in Sputtering Physical Vapour Deposition Coatings lets us quickly satisfy our customers' requests.

A consolidated network of collaborations gives us the capability to accompany the customer from feasibility to production.

Micro devices

Equipped with classical UV mask-aligners, RIE, Ion Milling, and a dedicated Chemistry Lab for wet-etching processes, CREO boasts a great heritage in micromaching, from bolometers to MEMS for space applications.

Microscopic and Optical characterizations

Microscope and morphologic analysis of surfaces, optical techniques for solids and thin films characterization from the UV to the IR spectral range.

Measurements of thermo-optical properties according to space standards.

Radiometric and thermal analysis

Spectral radiometric characterization of IR detectors, sources, and assemblies.
Thermal micrometric analysis of active components

Sensors prototyping

Design, integration and testing of:

  • Electro-optical sensors and test equipment;
  • FW/SW for uC, SBC, DAQ and GUI
  • Pattern Analysis Algorithms

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