RISEN (EU H2020)

Project acronym: RISEN

Project full title: Real-tIme on-site forenSic tracE qualificatioN

Funding: the project is financially supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program

Area: Smart Sensors

Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism
The aim of the RISEN project is the development of a set of realtime contactless sensors for the optimization of the trace, detection, visualisation, identification and interpretation on site, with a consequent reduction of the time and resources in the laboratory, and for a fast exchange of information among LEAs.
Role of CREO
Development of a hand-portable sensor for the analysis of volatile chemical compounds.
Sensing solution / Technology
Sensing based on fast gas chromatography (FAST GC) and Quartz Enhanced Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy (QEPAS)
Compact all MEMS-based FAST GC separation module (developed by CNR-IMM Bologna)
Widely tunable MIR QCL source
Home-designed miniaturized QEPAS cell, fabricated by additive manufacturing

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