FIRST-FLEX (ESA Artes 5.1)

Project acronym: FIRST-FLEX

Project full title: FIRST-surface FLEXible Optical Solar Reflectors

Funding: the project is financially supported by ESA through the ARTES 5.1 program

Area: Space Technologies

Materials for thermal control of spacecrafts
Exploring the feasibility of a new class of flexible Optical Solar Reflectors consisting of the patent pending Interferential CERMET coating deposited on flexible susbtrates.
Role of CREO
Project coordinator and owner of the technology.
Solution / Technology
The Interferential CERMET is a low alpha and high epsilon coating consisting of sputter-deposited dielectric and ceramic layers. Developed and qualified for the Bepi Colombo mission, it shows extreme durability to the space environment and excellent adheision on a variety of metal and polymer substrates.

TRL: 4-5
Breadboards delivered on flexible substrates of different nature: polyimide, PEEK, Titanium and Aluminum films, CFRP sheets. Samples succesfully tested against thermal cycles, UV (screening), bending and application on radiator mock-up. Thedrmo-optical and anti-ESD properties meet the aplication requirements (alpha < 0.15, epsilon > 0.80, Rsheet < 10^5 Ohm/square).

Web site: FIRST-FLEX Artes 5.1 Project


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