SDS (Italian PNRM)

Project acronym: SDS

Project full title: Smart Dust Sensing (SDS) for stand off detection of trace explosives and chemical agents

Funding: the project is financially supported by the Italian Ministry of Defense through the PNRM

Area: Smart Sensors

Stand off detection of chemical agents and explosives
Developing ‘smart targets’ to enhance substantially the performance of a laser based IR system for stand off detection of CWAs and explosives
Role of CREO
Main technology provider.
Sensing solution / Technology
The smart targets are functionalized with cavitands as molecular receptors and are patterned with gold micro-dots for Surface Enhanced InfraRed Spectroscopy.

TRL: 3
Breadboards of the smart target and the stand-off system tested succesfully at a distance of 2 m with 500 ng of DNT.


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