List of CREO publications on international papers and/or conferences.



  • R. Viola, S. Mengali, N. Libetatore, S. Zampolli, I. Elmi and F. Mancarella, “Deployable Sensor for Trace Identification of Hazardous Chemicals in Dirty Environment, Based on FAST Gas-chromatography and Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy” 2019 PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium – Spring (PIERS-Spring), Rome, Italy, 2019, pp. 223-228. (DOI: 10.1109/PIERS-Spring46901.2019.9017698)
  • S. Mengali et al., “GC-QEPAS: A Mems-Enabled Portable Trace Chemical Sensor for Safety & Security Applications,” 2019 20th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems & Eurosensors XXXIII (TRANSDUCERS & EUROSENSORS XXXIII), Berlin, Germany, 2019, pp. 1365-1368. (DOI:10.1109/TRANSDUCERS.2019.8808377 )
  • Stefano Zampolli, Sandro Mengali, Nicola Liberatore, Ivan Elmi, Luca Masini, Michele Sanmartin and Roberto Viola,“A MEMS-Enabled Deployable Trace Chemical Sensor Based on Fast Gas-Chromatography and Quartz Enhanced Photoacousic Spectoscopy “ Sensors2020, 20, 120. (DOI:10.3390/s20010120)


  • Kai Sun, Christoph A. Riedel, Alessandro Urbani, Mirko Simeoni, Sandro Mengali, Maksim Zalkovskij, Brian Bilenberg, C. H. de Groot, and Otto L. Muskens, VO 2 thermo-chromic metamaterial-based smart optical solar reflector –ACS Photonics, ACS Photonics Article ASAP (2018), (doi:10.1021/acsphotonics.8b00119) [Abstract]
  • Kai Sun, Christoph A. Riedel, Yudong Wang, Alessandro Urbani, Mirko Simeoni, Sandro Mengali, Maksim Zalkovskij, Brian Bilenberg, C. H. de Groot, and Otto L. Muskens, Metasurface Optical Solar Reflectors Using AZO Transparent Conducting Oxides for Radiative Cooling of Spacecraft –ACS Photonics, 5(2), 495-501 (2018), (doi:10.1021/acsphotonics.7b00991) [Abstract]


  • Roberto Viola, Nicola Liberatore, Domenico Luciani, e Sandro Mengali, Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices and Precursors –Advances in Optical Technologies, 2016 (2016), Article ID 5757361, (doi:10.1155/2016/5757361) [AbstractHTMLPdf] 
  • Antonia Lai, Salvatore Almaviva, Valeria Spizzichino, Lorella Addari, Antonio Palucci, Domenico Luciani, Roberto Viola, Sandro Mengali, Christophe A. Marquette, Bartlomiej Jankiewicz, Luigi PiernoSelectivity evaluation of label-free detection of Bacillus spp spores using functionalized SERS substrates (Conference Presentation)” – Proceedings Volume 9994, Optical Materials and Biomaterials in Security and Defence Systems Technology XIII; 999408 (2016) doi: 10.1117/12.2240925
    Event: SPIE Security + Defence, 2016, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


  • Antonia Lai, Salvatore Almaviva, Valeria Spizzichino, Antonio Palucci, Lorella Addari, Domenico Luciani, Sandro Mengali, Christophe Marquette, Ophélie Berthuy, Bartlomiej Jankiewicz, Luigi PiernoRapid and label-free screening and identification of Anthrax simulants by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy” – Proceedings Volume 9253, Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting, and Defence X; and Optical Materials and Biomaterials in Security and Defence Systems Technology XI; 92530U (2014) doi: 10.1117/12.2068170
    Event: SPIE Security + Defence, 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Sandro Mengali, Nicola Liberatore, Domenico Luciani, Roberto Viola, Gian Carlo Cardinali, Ivan Elmi, Antonella Poggi, Stefano Zampolli, Elisa Biavardi, Enrico Dalcanale, Federica Bonadio, Olivier Delemont, Pierre Esseiva, and Francesco S. Romolo, Rapid screening and identification of illicit drugs by IR absorption spectroscopy and gas chromatography – Proc. SPIE 8631, Quantum Sensing and Nanophotonic Devices X, 86312F (2013), (doi:10.1117/12.2003903s) [Abstract];
  • Sandro Mengali, Domenico Luciani, Roberto Viola, Nicola Liberatore, Stefano Zampolli, Ivan Elmi, Giancarlo Cardinali, Antonella Poggi, Enrico Dalcanale, Elisa Biavardi, Pierre Esseiva, Olivier Delemont, Federica Bonadio and Francesco Saverio Romolo, Toward street detection of amphetamines – SPIE Newsroom (30 January 2013), (doi: 10.1117/2.1201301.004682) [HTMLPdf]


  • Carlo Corsi, Andrea Dundee, Paolo Laurenzi, Nicola Liberatore,Domenico Luciani, Sandro Mengali, Angelo Mercuri, Andrea Pifferi, Mirko Simeoni, Gaetano Tosone, Roberto Viola, and Donatella Zintu, Chemical Warfare Agents Analyzer Based on Low Cost, Room Temperature, and Infrared Microbolometer Smart Sensors – Advances in Optical Technologies 2012 (2012) Article ID 808541, 5 (doi:10.1155/2012/808541) [HTMLPdf];
  • Nicola Liberatore, Domenico Luciani, Sandro Mengali, Roberto Viola, Gian Carlo Cardinali, Ivan Elmi, Antonella Poggi, Stefano Zampolli, Elisa Biavardi, Enrico Dalcanale, Daniela MenozziA New Sensitive and Fast Detection System for Amphetamine Type Stimulants (ATS), Based on Gas-Chromatography (GC) and Hollow Fiber Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy (HF-IRAS)” Proceedings of the First National Conference on Sensors, Rome 15-17 February, 2012 – Series: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Vol. 162
  • P. Castrucci, C. Scilletta, S. Del Gobbo, M. Scarselli, L. Camilli, M. Simeoni, B. Delley, A. Continenza and M. De CrescenziLight harvesting with multiwall carbon nanotube/silicon heterojunctions – Nanotechnology 22 (2011) 115701-9 (doi:10.1088/0957-4484/22/11/115701);


  • R. Viola; N. Liberatore; D. Luciani; S. Mengali; L. Pierno Distributed nerve gases sensor based on IR absorption in hollow optical fiber – Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7838 78380H-5 (doi: 10.1117/12.865009)
  • Carlo Corsi History highlights and future trends of infrared sensors – Journal of Modern Optics 57 (2010)  1663-1686 (doi:10.1080/09500341003693011[Pdf];


  • Carlo Corsi Smart sensors – Infrared Physics & Technology Vol. 49 (2007) 192–197 (doi:110.1016/j.infrared.2006.06.002[Pdf];
  • C. Corsi, N. Liberatore, S. Mengali, A. Mercuri, R. Viola and D. Zintu, “Advanced applications to security of IR smart microbolometers“, Proc. SPIE 6739, 673915 (2007); doi:10.1117/12.747157
  • M. Passacantando, F. Jolly, L. Lozzi, V. Salerni, P. Picozzi, S. Santucci, C. Corsi, and D. Zintu, The effects of silicon nitride and silicon oxynitride intermediate layers on the properties of tantalum pentoxide films on silicon: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray reflectivity and capacitance–voltage studies – Journal of Non-crystalline Solids 322 (2003) 225-232 (doi:10.1016/S0022-3093(03)00206-0);
  • G. Benedetti Michelangeli, R. Viola, N. Liberatore, A. Civetti, F Pagni, C CorsiMultiband radiometer infrared imaging – Journal: Infrared Physics & Technology 43 (2002) 279-283 (doi:10.1016/S1350-4495(02)00152-4);
  • C CorsiInfrared and the Others – Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi  LVII, 3 (2002) 363-369;
  • N. Liberatore,A. Pifferi, S. Perri, M. E. Marini, Test bench for IRFPA based on CMT and microbolometer – Infrared Physics & Technology 43 (2002) 291-296 (doi:10.1016/S1350-4495(02)00154-8);
  • D. Zintu, G. Tosone, and A. Mercuri, Dual ion beam sputtering vanadium dioxide microbolometers by surface micromachining – Infrared physics & technology 43.3 (2002): 245-250. (doi:10.1016/S1350-4495(02)00147-0[Pdf];
  • C.Corsi, G.Benedetti Michelangeli, R.Viola, N.Liberatore,S.Galli: ” Hardware Simulator of Infrared Scene “, Proceedings of the 5th AITA, 79-85 (2000)
  • C.Corsi, G.Benedetti Michelangeli, R.Viola, N.Liberatore: “Infrared Scene Hardware Simulation“, SPIE, vol. 3694, 1999.
  • C. Corsi, History’s lesson and future trends and advanced development in I.R. detectors – Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi  LIII, 1-3 (1998) 11
  • N. V. Sochinskii, V. Munoz, V. Bellani, L. Vina, E. Dieguez, E. Alves, M. F. Da Silva, J. C. Soares, and S. Bernardi, S., Substrate effect on CdTe layers grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy – Applied Physics Letters 70 (1997) 1314-1316 (doi:+10.1063/1.118522);
  • C. Corsi, Advanced infrared smart sensors – Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi  LI, 1-2 (1996) 37;
  • C. Corsi, Future Trends and Advanced Development in I.R. Detectors – Proceedings 2nd Joint Conference IRIS-NATO London 25 – 28 June 1996;
  • N.V. Sochinskii, J.C. Soares, E. Alves, M.F. da Silva, P. Franzosi, S. Bernardi, E. Diéguez, Structural properties of CdTe and Hg1−xCdxTe epitaxial layers grown on sapphire substrates – Journal of Crystal Growth 161 (1996) 195-200 (doi:10.1016/0022-0248(95)00635-4);
  • N V Sochinskii,, E Diéguez, E Alves, M F da Silva, J C Soares, S Bernardi, J Garrido and F Agulló-Rueda, Laser-assisted recrystallization to improve the surface morphology of CdTe epitaxial layers – Semicond. Sci. Technol. 11 (1996) 248 (doi:10.1088/0268-1242/11/2/018)
  • C. Corsi, Smart sensors – Microsystem Technologies 1 (1995) 149-154 (doi:10.1007/BF01294808)
  • N.V. Sochinskii, S. Bernardi, E. Diéguez, P. Franzosi, and S.V. Kletskii, Vapor phase epitaxy of Hg1−xCdxTe on CdTe heteroepitaxial substrates – Journal of Crystal Growth 149 (1995) 35–44 (doi:10.1016/0022-0248(94)01018-8)
  • S. Bernardi, New developments in the liquid-phase epitaxy of Hg1−xCdxTe  – Materials Science and Engineering:B 28 (1994) 21–28 (doi:10.1016/0921-5107(94)90008-6)
  • C. Corsi, Rivelatori infrarosso: stato dell’arte e trends di sviluppo futuro – Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi XLVI, 5 (1996) 801;

Oral Presentations

Technology Area


  • O. L. Muskens and K. Sun and C. H. de Groot and L. Bergamini and N. Zabala and J. Aizpurua and M. Simeoni and A. Urbani and S. Mengali, Metal oxide metasurfaces for active control and space technology – Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe-EQEC), 25-29 June 2017 , Munich – GERMANY (doi:10.1109/CLEOE-EQEC.2017.8087636) [Conference Paper]


  • S. Mengali, M. Simeoni, A. Mercuri, Beyond the Bepi Colombo mission: Thermo-Optical coatings for commercial applications 10th Symposium  European Vacuum Coaters, October 1-3rd 2012, Anzio – ITALY;
  • S. Mengali, M. Simeoni, A. Mercuri, CERMET-based thermo-optical coatings for space and thermo-solar applications –  XIX Congresso AIV (Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia) 2009, May 19th-21st 2009, Senigallia – ITALY;
  • S. Mengali, M. Simeoni, A. Mercuri, C. Corsi, Thermo-optical coatings for satellites on mission around Mercury and around the Sun 8th Symposium  European Vacuum Coaters – Sept. 29th-Oct.1st 2008, Anzio – ITALY;

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