Smart Dust Sensing detection of trace explosives and chemical agents


Project acronym: SDS

Project full title: “Smart Dust Sensing (SDS) for stand off detection of  trace explosives and chemical agents”

Funding: The project is financially supported by the Italian Ministry of Defense through the PNRM

Topic: stand off detection of  chemical agents and explosives

Goal: developing ‘smart targets’ to enhance substantially the performance of a laser based IR system for stand off detection of CWAs and explosives


  • Implementation of smart targets to improve sensitivity
  •  Response time of seconds
  •  Sensitive to nerve agents and explosives
  • Stand off detection from up to 10 m


  • Surface Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy (SEIRS)  on smart targets  funzionalized with selective molecular receptors

Role of CREO: : smart target integration, development of the  stand off interrogation/detection unit

Perspectives: similar system architecture could be used to detect and identify drugs, TICs or IEDs’ precursors


Coming soon…


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