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Project  acronym: CANARIO

Project full title: “Chemical warfare Agent aNAlizer based on low cost dual band IR mIcrOsytems”

Funding: The project is financially supported by EDA

Topic: detection and identification of Chemical Agents

Goal: developing a compact point sensor for providing early warning in the presence of Chemical Agents in the air.


  • Active Multispectral InfraRed Absorption Spectroscopy in the gas phase
  • Advanced detector device, that integrates uncooled PbSe photoconductive detectors (for MWIR), microbolometers (for LWIR), optical filter arrays, and front-end electronics on silicon chip


  • A number of spectral channels suitable to represent molecular fingerprints across the Medium and LongWave IR spectrum  (MWIR and LWIR).
  • Response time of seconds
  • Sensitive to CWAs
  • Ability to detect and correctly identify chemicals of different nature and class of risk (CWAs, TICs, solvents, perfumes..), with minimal false positive rate

Role of CREO: system integration, development of the  multispectral  LWIR sensor

Perspectives: similar system architecture could be used to detect and identify TICs or IEDs’ precursors

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

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