Project acronym: DIRAC

Project full title: Rapid screening and identification of illegal Drugs by IR Absorption spectroscopy and gas Chromatography

Funding: The project is financially supported by the European Commission through the FP7 Program.

Area: Smart Sensors

Detection of illicit substances
Development of a point sensor to be used by customs and police officers in their daily fight against the trafficking of illicit drugs, suitable in particular to detect and identify amphetamines and their precursors.
Role of CREO
Project coordination, system integration, development of the IR module.
Sensing solution / Technology
Chemical targets in the vapour phase are first preconcentrated and separated by Gas Chromatography on silicon-micromachined devices, then analyzed by InfaRed Absorption Spectroscopy, utilizing a Quantum Cascade Laser as IR source and a hollow fiber as miniaturized optical cell.

TRL: 5
A prototype the size of a hand-luggage tested succesfully with ATS precursors like safrole and APAAN in the nanogram range, and demonsrated at the Customs of the Brussels National Airport

Web site: http://www.fp7-dirac.eu/

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