Consorzio CREO



Based in L’Aquila

Consorzio CREO has been established in 1990 as a not-for-profit research organism

Legal status: Consortium

Members of the Consortium are:


Funded in 1990, the center was initially focused on  the growth of Cadmium Mercury Telluride materials for InfraRed detectors. In 1996, CREO started the development of bolometers based on Vanadium Oxide, and, in particular, on large area bolometers for special applications requiring high signal-to-noise ratio and simplified electronics. From the early 2000s, activities were oriented to the development of IR smart sensors and systems.


CREO is currently hosted within Technolabs facilities and covers a total area of about 1000 m2 consisting of: Offices; Clean room for the deposition and definition of micronic patterns; Labs for Micro-structural characterizations; Electronic tests and assembly; Optical and radiometric tests.


CREO has currently a permanent staff of ten people (physicists and engineers for the most part), plus a variable number of contract researchers and students.


CREO has tight historical  and institutional links with the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences of the University of L’Aquila,  and with the Divisions and Lines of Business of Leonardo SpA.

Furthermore, CREO cooperates  through regional, national, and European projects with a wealth of research and industrial organizations such as: CNR-IMM (Bologna), CNR IFN (Roma), ENEA UTAPRAD (Frascati), ENEA Progetto Solare Termico e Termodinamico (Portici), the University of Southampton,  ODL Srl., NIL Technologies ApS, Thales Alenia Space, AIRBUS, SITAEL SpA.

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