Project acronym: CANARIO

Project full title: Chemical warfare Agent aNAlizer based on low cost dual band IR mIcrOsytems

Funding: The project is financially supported by the European Defence Agency - EDA

Area: Smart Sensors

Detection and identification of Chemical Agents.
Developing a compact unattended point sensor for providing early warning in the presence of Chemical Agents in the air.
Role of CREO
System integration, development of the multispectral LWIR sensor.
Sensing solution / Technology
Non Dispersive Infra Red Absorption spectroscopy in the gas phase with 46 spectral channels. A gas cell with an optical path of 2 m is used to couple a MEMS thermal emitter to an hybrid detection device.The latter integrates uncooled PbSE photoconductive detectors for the MWIR, microbolometers for the LWIR, optical filters, and front-end electronics on silicon chip

TRL: 4-5.
A protoype of the size of a shoebox was succesfully tested at the CETLI facilities of the Italian MoD. A variety of CWA precursors, simulants and potential interferents were all correctly identied at few ppm concentration with response time of few seconds.

Related papers:

  1. C. Corsi, A. Dundee, P. Laurenzi, N. Liberatore, D. Luciani, S. Mengali, A. Mercuri, A. Pifferi, M. Simeoni, G. Tosone, R. Viola, and D. Zintu, Chemical Warfare Agents Analyzer Based on Low Cost, Room Temperature, and Infrared Microbolometer Smart Sensors – Advances in Optical Technologies 2012 (2012) Article ID 808541, 5 (doi:10.1155/2012/808541) [HTML-Pdf]


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